Nov. 11th, 2008 03:14 pm
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Well, I just sent off my university application and now i'm getting really nervous :(
The easy bit is over, now comes the hard part. The waiting.
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well, today was results day and although the morning ended up being a bit tricky I got my results and I'm really pleased!
i got 3As and 1 C but i'm happy with that.
A in History A2
A in AS English Literature and A in AS Economics
C in AS Psychology, which i can always bump up to a A/B next year.
which means i have 2 As at A2 level in French and History and, hopefully should get As in Eng Lit and Econ next year, so I'm really pleased! :D

Life in general has been good, been really busy, which has the downside effect of me becoming somewhat of a lurker on the forums i visit! which i will have to remedy at some point soon.

I went to the MAMMA MIA Premiere in July, which was absolutely amazing. Pierce Brosnanstood right in front of me and i was so shocked i didnt even give him my book to sign! Meryl Streep stood about 1 foot awa y from me, but her assistant was rushing her so she didnt make it up to where i was standing but she waved good bye to me and my friends as she left :) 
i was filmed by Capital fm radio and i was on CNN singing Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia respectively with my friends for them, plus being interviewed by Wedding TV about why we were there, ahow we'd come to see etc which was awesome!! 
it was such an amazing day!!
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I just have Representation and Democracy in Britain, 1830-1931 left to do, which is on Monday, and then i've finished all my exams! I can't wait!! :D
Serious revision going on at the moment !!

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Right, so I've got 4 exams left; 2 economics exams and 2 history exams.
The negative: both economics exams are tomorrow. Right after the other. Hell
The somewhat/could be positive: My 2 history exams are on different days and 4 days apart. Phew. Would have killed me if they had been on the same day. England in Reform 1830-1930 is actually going to kill me anyway. I've got to learn the whole 100 year period and every single reform that got passed during it, other bills that were passed connected to it, why they were passed, who got them through, reactions to reforms...the list goes on! Still aiming for my A, hopefully I'll get it. 
On the other hand I also have Hitler....hmmm....a source based paper aswell....see, if it had just been own knowledge I would have been absolutely fine, however the sources always throw me off! 
Anyway...only 16 more days of exams and then I'm back to!

Anyone got any exam tips?

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argh!! first exam next friday :S
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ministry of sound is amazing!! went there on saturday night for a mates birthday, and i've just got to say that it is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!
even got into the VIP bit with a discount! woop woop! :)
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january module results in tomorrow, nearer it gets the more nervous i'm getting :S

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I read this article in The Times, found it hilarious and thought I'd share it with you all!

Toenails in vogue on Wintour's day (by Hugo Rifkind)
This is a strange and beautiful work of genius. Apparently, there was a fake Anna Wintour at Paris Fashion Week last week, The Vogue Editor's impersonator wore the fringe, sunglasses and blank look of loathing and disgust made famous by the iconic original, and was marching brazenly into various shows. claims to have seen her at Lanvin by the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. Other reports are trickling in. That's pretty clever, we say to Condé Nast's press office, in New York. Any tips in recognising the real one?
 "Um," says a spokeswoman. "Ah. Anybody with accurate eyesight should be able to do it."
More helpfully, one blogger points out that the fake Wintour wears really tacky toenail varnish. Adding insult to injury, and all that.

lol wonder what Miranda would do if someone tried to impersonate her!

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it seems so dark but really good, they're making the film version of it at the moment.  -- she just has such an amazing voice!

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This is a poem that I've just finished doing in class at the moment, it's part of Carol Ann Duffy's poem collection, 'The World's Wife'. I think it's fantastic, it's written in the form of a sonnet and is about love, but each line can be analysed in a negative and pessimistic way . The thing I love the most about the poem is not only that it is the first sonnet of the collection but that it is the first that talks about love fondly, not attacking the man that broke her heart.

Anne Hathaway
by Carol Ann Duffy from The World's Wife

'Item I gyve unto my wife my second best bed ...'
(from Shakespeare's will)

The bed we loved in was a spinning world
of forests, castles, torchlight, clifftops, seas
where we would dive for pearls. My lover's words
were shooting stars which fell to earth as kisses
on these lips; my body now a softer rhyme
to his, now echo, assonance; his touch
a verb dancing in the centre of a noun.
Some nights, I dreamed he'd written me, the bed
a page beneath his writer's hands. Romance
and drama played by touch, by scent, by taste.
In the other bed, the best, our guests dozed on,
dribbling their prose. My living laughing love -
I hold him in the casket of my widow's head
as he held me upon that next best bed.

It's full of double entendres and metaphors and is absolutely fantastic, I would recommend 'The World's Wife' to anyone with a literary interest, as it is absolutely gripping. I'm not always a fan of poetry, I did Chaucer last year and didn't particularly like it, but with this collection it's so easy to be drawn into them. Each poem is about a wife of a different man, famous in history for one reason or another and gives each a view into their lives where it may not have been the man who came up with whatever they were famous for and all of them evoke an emotion. 

Mrs Darwin

7 April 1852.

Went to the Zoo.
I said to Him--
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you. 

This one was hilarious - trust the man to take all the credit! (it was only in the late 1850s that he published his theory of evolution!)

too long!

Feb. 21st, 2008 11:48 am
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just realised how long it's been since i posted on here! 
On holiday this week so its been extremely relaxing. Went clubbing in Piccadilly Circus/Leicester Square on Monday, was amazing; most fun I've had in a while, since before it was hectic with exams and coursework, so the most i could easily fit in was a night out at the pub or a meal with friends. But it was student night and there was a foam party on the 70&80s dance floor, so that was jokes! Been shopping constantly, basically just relaxing and taking it easy! 
But that has to stop tomorrow because I've got to finish my Shakespeare paper for english lit, argh! really can't be bothered, but now it's basically spell checking and editing so it shouldn't take up more that just a day at the most, thankfully! and then I have to start revising for my History Spring Assessment next week...when i think about it the work just carries on piling up. Thank God I was off work this week! Still think the holidays should be longer!! 
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 i am soooo happy!! :D just had my english literature exam this morning! went fantastically, i doubt i've had a better exam in my entire life!! i think i've got my A so i am quite literally on cloud nine and it is like heaven! 
it was the wuestion i was hoping for, and as my year is the last year that they'er teaching that particular book i tried to predict what the question would be, and thankfully i was right! they asked 'How appropriate is the title to the novel? Discuss.'  it was amazing i managed to write 6 1/2 pages in an hour andmy hand wasn't hurting! usually when i write that much my hand starts to get cramps. i was like God is sooo good, and seeing as though i'm at a catholic school, my teacher wholeheartedly agreed. i loved it!! and now i am soo hyper despite the fact i am unequivocally tired!
rant over and happiness continues! :)
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Well seems like the exam preparation for history has nearly finished now... not nearly as nervous. think it should go alright tomorrow, and i will get my A. less panicky, been going over finer details of what we're allowed to take in, and even though it's less than what i thought it would be I'm happy because it means i won't be looking through my notes as long and i'll be able to write my essay as i go. thank god i only have to remember an 6 1/2 page essay instead of and 11 page one like some peoples, even though it is a really obscure question - even my teacher said so... really relieved now that i didn't go overboard when writing it, gives me a better chance at a higher grade. 
so helpful having this journal to just blab to, helps the relaxation process!! lol 


Dec. 9th, 2007 11:00 am
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argh i have a history exam tomorrow. three hours long in the morning! and i'm now really nervous :(  I surprised myself at not actually worrying that much all last weeka nd i was working on my history the majority of yesterday, but now that its tomorrow...i am going stir crazy! thinking of every little thing that could possibly go wrong, and i can't relax at all. not good.not good.not good at all! 
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wow.  just got back from seeing the film and i have got to say it was bloody brilliant! its a really a film that makes you think and question some of your past choices. some of the things that meryl streep's character brings up are so true, like how the govt uses newspapers as propaganda tools, using it to sell their policies, and as usual she was amazing in the film. she really gave a first class performance!
tbh i can be quite over analytical of things but it really made me question quite a lot of things, esp how lots of people take for granted what's practically given to them on a plate and give nothing back, but its those that work hard to prove to the world that they're not insignificant that give the most back to society, and after thinking about some of the people i know i've figured that that is true. 
the film definately doesn't deserve the critical reviews that its been getting. the only negative thing was the ending, it was too abrupt and it felt like the film had been cut short.

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Amazing night yesterday!! It started off on a low, there was meant to be 5 of us going out last night but three of them not coming, one with tonsillitis (same one that was supposed to go to Lions for Lambs with me), one got measles and one was grounded for going out too much. so ended up just me and my friend Kat going out together. 
But what a night it turned out to be. Went to the restaurant and there's a 45 minute wait so we went over to the museum/shop bit next door which has an underground 'vault' with rock memorabilia in it. Got the tour of the vault free because the guy was nice. it was hilarious!! i got to hold Jimmy Hendrix's guitar! my friend knocked another of his guitar's over!! We sat on Hendrix's sofa and held guitars of the stars (not usually allowed but the guy liked us because he said he was fed up of tourists and loved the fact that we were true londoners!!). became titled the 'vault teasers' by the vault-master himself :D :D It was fantastic!! then our lil alarm thing went off that told us our table was ready so we headed back over to restaurant
once we were seated these guys from New York came over and started chatting to us, turns out they're over here for the game tomorrow at wembley...they play for the NY Giants!! It was Gibril and I think the other one was Kevin (but he was talking to my mate so i didn't catch his name properly) They were really lovely guys and I couldn't believe that I was actually meeting a real american football team!! We all chatted for ages! Kat could not stop grinning, it was hilarious...but then we had to go home...that is, afterall, where a good night with a friend should always end!

On a unhappier tone, I've realised I've left all my school work to be done tomorrow...which means I'm going to have to get up early early early!!!


Oct. 24th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Unfortunately I didn't get to go see Lions for Lambs today. Got a call from my friend to say she couldn't got because she has tonsilitis so she couldn't go = me also unable to go because I wasn't about to go on my own :(

on a happier note I did get to go and see Rendition last night. It's a sick film and I absolutely loved it :D it's a shame that Meryl Streep isn't in it more because she's only on a few times, but when she was on she gave a stella performance! So atleast I've got that to console me! lol and I'll have to wait till November to see Lions for Lambs
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omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!! I might be seeing Lions for Lambs at the preview screening this week!! Just gotta get funds in place and then it's all set to go!! I can't wait!!! woohoo!!


Oct. 7th, 2007 12:41 am
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omg justy had one of the biggest wastegash eveings of my life. went to a fancy dress party as a pixie then half my mates turned up NOT dressed up because they were going to some rave. tried to persuade me to go with them, but as if i was going to go to a club dressed up as a bloody pixie!! i mean seriously!! they could have told me prior thje whole hhmmmm what should i go as conundrum!! THEN nearly everyone i actually knew left for the rave leaving me at this house party with only a couple of people i know, even though its my friends house, bored rather shitless with drink as my only console. then this fucking dinkhead decides to sarcastically comment to myfriend about her missing her family, and because she's been kicked out of her house she got really upset about it; crying etc because of him. leaving me even more pissed of about the whole thing because he was being an absolute dickhead. then he left the house. it got so bloody dry that there was absolutely no point in me actually being there = me at home now slightly tipsy as the drink has worn off. drank tooo much as i was pissed off, leaving me even more pissed off even though i told my mates not to let me drink tonight as i have THREE essays due for monday. uh ooh!! so now i'm gonna be in trouble if i don't get it done today (seeing as though it's 1 in the morning :(  )
sorry....had to let off some steam!!


Sep. 13th, 2007 07:37 pm
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