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Amazing night yesterday!! It started off on a low, there was meant to be 5 of us going out last night but three of them not coming, one with tonsillitis (same one that was supposed to go to Lions for Lambs with me), one got measles and one was grounded for going out too much. so ended up just me and my friend Kat going out together. 
But what a night it turned out to be. Went to the restaurant and there's a 45 minute wait so we went over to the museum/shop bit next door which has an underground 'vault' with rock memorabilia in it. Got the tour of the vault free because the guy was nice. it was hilarious!! i got to hold Jimmy Hendrix's guitar! my friend knocked another of his guitar's over!! We sat on Hendrix's sofa and held guitars of the stars (not usually allowed but the guy liked us because he said he was fed up of tourists and loved the fact that we were true londoners!!). became titled the 'vault teasers' by the vault-master himself :D :D It was fantastic!! then our lil alarm thing went off that told us our table was ready so we headed back over to restaurant
once we were seated these guys from New York came over and started chatting to us, turns out they're over here for the game tomorrow at wembley...they play for the NY Giants!! It was Gibril and I think the other one was Kevin (but he was talking to my mate so i didn't catch his name properly) They were really lovely guys and I couldn't believe that I was actually meeting a real american football team!! We all chatted for ages! Kat could not stop grinning, it was hilarious...but then we had to go home...that is, afterall, where a good night with a friend should always end!

On a unhappier tone, I've realised I've left all my school work to be done tomorrow...which means I'm going to have to get up early early early!!!


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