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well, today was results day and although the morning ended up being a bit tricky I got my results and I'm really pleased!
i got 3As and 1 C but i'm happy with that.
A in History A2
A in AS English Literature and A in AS Economics
C in AS Psychology, which i can always bump up to a A/B next year.
which means i have 2 As at A2 level in French and History and, hopefully should get As in Eng Lit and Econ next year, so I'm really pleased! :D

Life in general has been good, been really busy, which has the downside effect of me becoming somewhat of a lurker on the forums i visit! which i will have to remedy at some point soon.

I went to the MAMMA MIA Premiere in July, which was absolutely amazing. Pierce Brosnanstood right in front of me and i was so shocked i didnt even give him my book to sign! Meryl Streep stood about 1 foot awa y from me, but her assistant was rushing her so she didnt make it up to where i was standing but she waved good bye to me and my friends as she left :) 
i was filmed by Capital fm radio and i was on CNN singing Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia respectively with my friends for them, plus being interviewed by Wedding TV about why we were there, ahow we'd come to see etc which was awesome!! 
it was such an amazing day!!
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