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wow.  just got back from seeing the film and i have got to say it was bloody brilliant! its a really a film that makes you think and question some of your past choices. some of the things that meryl streep's character brings up are so true, like how the govt uses newspapers as propaganda tools, using it to sell their policies, and as usual she was amazing in the film. she really gave a first class performance!
tbh i can be quite over analytical of things but it really made me question quite a lot of things, esp how lots of people take for granted what's practically given to them on a plate and give nothing back, but its those that work hard to prove to the world that they're not insignificant that give the most back to society, and after thinking about some of the people i know i've figured that that is true. 
the film definately doesn't deserve the critical reviews that its been getting. the only negative thing was the ending, it was too abrupt and it felt like the film had been cut short.

Date: 2007-11-22 05:00 pm (UTC)
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i watched it a couple of days ago and liked it more than i have thought before. very interessting plot and much to think about. i liked all three storys. the end was really very abrupt. all in all a great movie with a supreme cast and i dont understand why so many people didnt like it. maybe they dont want to think too much. dont know.
sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand what i wanted to say :-)


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