Oct. 7th, 2007 12:41 am
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omg justy had one of the biggest wastegash eveings of my life. went to a fancy dress party as a pixie then half my mates turned up NOT dressed up because they were going to some rave. tried to persuade me to go with them, but as if i was going to go to a club dressed up as a bloody pixie!! i mean seriously!! they could have told me prior thje whole hhmmmm what should i go as conundrum!! THEN nearly everyone i actually knew left for the rave leaving me at this house party with only a couple of people i know, even though its my friends house, bored rather shitless with drink as my only console. then this fucking dinkhead decides to sarcastically comment to myfriend about her missing her family, and because she's been kicked out of her house she got really upset about it; crying etc because of him. leaving me even more pissed of about the whole thing because he was being an absolute dickhead. then he left the house. it got so bloody dry that there was absolutely no point in me actually being there = me at home now slightly tipsy as the drink has worn off. drank tooo much as i was pissed off, leaving me even more pissed off even though i told my mates not to let me drink tonight as i have THREE essays due for monday. uh ooh!! so now i'm gonna be in trouble if i don't get it done today (seeing as though it's 1 in the morning :(  )
sorry....had to let off some steam!!


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